Monday, August 23, 2010

The Catholic Workout

Health, fitness and weight loss expert Michael Carrera has written an exercise book that will workout your body and your soul!  Check out the Catholic Workout:

From Fitness Expert and a once starved Catholic comes an unprecedented method of building your body and your faith. The Catholic Workout invites you to use your body as an expression of love for Christ and as an opportunity to renew your belief in God, others and yourself.

Far from a typical fitness-oriented book, The Catholic Workout involves performing five specific resistance exercises while meditating on important events in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Michael Carrera leads by example, offering guidance through his touching stories and confessions. All you need is a Rosary, a set of dumbbells, and thirty minutes, three times a week to get the body and life you always wanted!

"A very personal, convincing model to a healthier and happier life under every aspect. The author takes you where you are at, and by a novel approach to the Rosary shows you step by step the way to human and Christian maturity." (Father Joseph M. Occhio, SDB, STL, Ph.D.)

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