Thursday, March 13, 2008

God in the Streets of New York City

Catholics believe that during the Mass which we attend each week (for some of us daily), the priest (during the consecration) speaks these words as he holds the communion host, "...He took bread and gave you thanks. He broke the bread, gave it to his disciples, and said: Take this all of you, and eat it: this is my body which will be given up for you". When the priest says "this my body", it is at that instant when, through the miracle of transubstantiation, the bread and wine which we offer as the bloodless sacrifice to our Lord truly become the Body, Blood , Soul and Divinity of Jesus. It is His true Presence in the form of bread and wine. It is Christ. We are so blessed to have the chance to receive him in this beautiful sacrament. It is also a great blessing to be able to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Having grown up in the 70's and 80's I did not see much of Eucharistic Adoration. Thankfully, this devotion has made a comeback in recent years! The following video is a beautiful reminder of how the presence of Christ in the Eucharist can touch lives. I enjoy watching this video by grassroots films to observe the eyes of those passing in the streets. They did a fantastic job! If you have not seen the short film (its only about 4 minutes) then I hope you enjoy it!

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