Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Semper Fi

I really am not a Jonathan Stewart fan... at all! But, this is just very, very funny and I couldn't help posting it. I hope my brother-in-law appreciates all the Semper Fi posts I have put up recently! Send me some feedback Earl! God bless!


Mk19gunr said...

I voulantary joined the Marine Corps. when I was 20 years old. As I remember the armed forces is a Voulantary service. There are not recruiters going around putting guns to peoples heads and making them sign. Also, there is no mysterious group of people going around and kidnapping people and making them serve. The Marine Corps. instilled the descipline and pride to fight for these people that are so blind to the fact that if there ws no Marine Corps., Army, Navy, Air Force and any that I failed to mention here that these people would not be able to do what they call their freedom. Freedom of speach is just that. Not freedom of expression or any other freedom that this country has magically made up. The last time I looked it is not one of the freedoms that our fore fathers wrote. From the looks of the people in the video, they would not know freedom if it was not so deformed by their parents or their friends, most importantly fought for by the MARINES and the rest of the military community. These people are followers. So please follow each other and let the defenders of freedom do there job so you can have the right to protest. The military are leaders. We will never stop being that. We will fight for everyones rights and no matter how painful it is to see or hear things like this taking place in our country, I remind myself that I fought for their rights as well as mine.

As for the nay sayers to this I offer this little story:

In Vietnam there was a young man that bravely went on patrols. This man was a humble man. He was loved by his Marines in his unit and even Marines in other units. Everywhere the grunts went, he followed them into the depths of hell. He put his life on the line for anyone there. He would mentor Marines and try to help them be strong. He listened like a mother or father listens to their child. He did his best to set a positive example for them. He forgave their shortcommings and even held his fellow man in his arms. He saw death come to people there. He was there for them when all hope was lost. One day on patrol a Marine was shot and without hesitation he lept into action. He did not grab a rifle and charge into the heat of battle. Instead, he went to the fallen Marine. He was there for him as death took him. He wept for him and in an instant he was taken violently from his Marines. Many wept for him. The Marines were very saddened by his death. But, this man was not a Marine. He was not a soldier. He was not a combatant. He ws a priest that loved ALL people. This man gave his life for others. More importantly, he gave his life for the freedoms of the people in America. This man's name is Fr. Vincent Capadano, The Grunt Padre.

So to all of my fellow Marines past and present I say SEMPER FIDELIS!

Mk19gunr said...

There is one thing that I failed to mention.
There was a great man that was called President of the United States of America and he is quoted:

"Some people spend their entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference. The MARINES don't have that problem."
-President Ronald Reagan, 1985

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for the comment Earl! I will post some more military stuff in the future! Great job! God bless! Talk to you soon!