Thursday, March 27, 2008

God Wants Our Best

Ok I love football, and miss it! The NFL draft is coming soon and I am one of those people who actually gets excited to see who will the Saints get!! So yes, this clip is about football, and it is amazing... and true! But the clip is more about life than just football. God's does want our very best and is ready to help us to achieve it! We have to put aside our own self imposed limitations and allow God to use us. How many people feel called to a religious or priestly vocation but fail to respond? They are afraid their best is not going to be good enough. That would be true if God's grace were not a part of the equation! Let's pray that the many young people will say yes to God's call to giving their very best! Let's pray for one another that we will allow God to give us the courage and strength to offer our best selves as well!

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