Friday, November 21, 2008

Be Not Afraid: Time for Spiritual Battle!

The election of our president-elect ensures us of a certain battle over the right to life. What are we Catholics and Christians to do? We cannot be complacent, but need to let our voices be heard. This video from 4marks is excellent and challenges us to get up and defend life! This is a spiritual battle that we must not be afraid to engage in. Let's pray that all of us have the courage to stay faithful! The following is added comment from Fr. Z's blog:

What this video asks is that Catholics embrace the teachings of Holy Church and the truth written into our hearts.

It asks that Catholics practice their Catholic faith, that they be Catholics.

In no way does being Catholic take us out of the public square or place us entirely out of the sphere of what Caesar justly requires. We have obligations to the state, as well as rights.

But our obligation to God and the truth has priority. Only in our fidelity as Catholics can we offer our special contributions to the common good. We have a right and duty to participate in the public square.

We can only have something good to contribute if we know who we are as Catholics, if we embrace that identity, and act accordingly according to our vocations in our proper spheres of life.

We must first fight the battle for our Catholic identity before we can make a difference in the world.

We must make choices.

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Carlos Echevarria said...

Great post Father, that video is awesome...

Now we have to buck up and defend the born and the unborn...against the Culture of Death.