Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Madrid prepares the next World Youth Day

At the end of World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, Pope Benedict XVI presented the next city that will host the event, the Spanish capital.

"I hope to see you again in three years; World Youth Day 2011 will be in Madrid, Spain."

It will be the second time that a World Youth Day is celebrated in Spain, after Santiago de Compostela in 1989. Cardinal Antonio María Rouco, current Archbishop of Madrid and organizer of both youth events, explains that the years remaining until the event will be characterized by intense conversion."We are going to live intensely these three years of preparation, with a spirit of penitence, pilgrimage and conversion so that we may experience together the great moment of the World Youth Day, welcoming the youth from all around the world.""Straight away you will encounter the truth of the Catholic Church in Madrid in all its strength, vitality, in all its beauty but also with all its humanity: the styles and societies, the personal and social lifestyles that have been nourished and born out of the Christian experience and of the experience of communion in the Church, all demonstrate a great human richness; the families, the homes and our arms will be open to receive all those young people willing to come, may many come, may it come soon."

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Jackie Parkes said...

What do you think Don Bosco would have thought of Birmingham's RE centre using his venerable name? Over on my blog..