Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pope Pius XII: Vatican Exhibit Reveals the Truth

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the figure of Pius XII, Pope Pacelli, who has been attributed in some circles with having a neutral attitude towards Nazism and the war and paying little attention to the Jewish people who were so persecuted in that time.
An exhibition at the Vatican, which draws upon archives from various countries, restores the historical truth about the Pontiff.

"It comes from the great 'bias' of Pius XII in favor of the Jews and against the Nazis. There's a lot of documentation of Jewish origin that speaks of the concern of the Holy See during the war in favor of the Jews from all of Europe."

Important evidence is revealed:

"We have a collage that guides us in one direction only. It is a historiographical view, it is not an issue of beatification or non-beatification."

And after the war, he expressed his precise way of thought:

"The international life of countries - states the Pope's speech of 1948 - is not possible without social obligations. This social dimension is clearly expressed with help to the poorest populations."

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