Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prophetic words from Archbishop Sheen!

I found the following quote at the Catholic Mom of 10 website. Very prophetic words from our wonderful, saintly Archbishop:

"The world is rapidly being divided into two camps, the comradeship of anti-Christ and the brotherhood of Christ. The lines between these two are being drawn. How long the battle will be we know not; whether swords will have to be unsheathed we know not; whether blood will have to be shed we know not; whether it will be an armed conflict we know not. But in a conflict between truth and darkness, truth cannot lose." Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Mike Rizzio said...

The battle is occurring but most refuse to recognize the tell-tale signs. Those of us that know military history would call this the undeclared war, one that normally precedes open aggression. It is not unlike the Phony War that led to World War II.

The strategy of the Social Democrats is not unlike that of Hitler's brown shirts. They are capturing the young (Hitler youth), terrorizing the old (Gestapo like raids on personal lives) and propagandizing the middle age with their New Age message of hope through consensus consciousness.

We are appeasing Obama now and only time will tell when he unleashes his army of converts.

I have talked to many who say that every day they wake up with a hangover, and a nagging pain in their guts.

This feeling will not go away.

Why do we not see the signs?

All I can say is Come Lord Jesus…quickly

Moderator said...

Bishop Sheen made this same, or similar, statement while lecturing at Kneipp Springs in Rome City, IN the late 50's. My old parish priest used to go there for private retreats and Bishop Sheen would pop in as he was traveling across country for a few days' R & R. He used to talk about the Bishop's lectures with great fondness.

This place is where the Our Lady of America apparitions took place in 1956 and Our Lady made warnings about the state of the Church and Her priests and Bishops. If you read the messages at www.ourladyofamerica.org or.com and at www.oltiv.org, you will quickly see that this is ALL CONNECTED. I am not spooked by this, but rather comforted to know that Jesus and His Mother Mary are talking to those who will listen.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Bishop Sheen is right. In the end Truth cannot lose.

Lillian Marie said...

We already know the end - in the end, Truth will prevail.

It is now up to us to determine how soon we want that end to occur. God's mercy will only last so long - then He must lay down the Hand of His Law. Based on this past election, it is coming quickly.

Many martyrs will be made. Many lives will be lost, forever. Prayer can make all the difference.

torchofthefaith said...

Dear friends in Christ

Great blog!

The great Fr. John Hardon once said that in the future there would only be two kinds of Catholic... The lapsed and the persecuted.

Let us pray to God that we shall have the Grace and strength to persevere in the days ahead.

And rejoice in Christ - for our liberation is at hand!

God Bless
Alan and Angeline Houghton

Mr. Bee said...

We need to prepare for spiritual battle. It (the battle) is upon us. We also need to help our brethren prepare their spirits as well; especially some of our brethren who are blindly walking into Satan's traps.

We live in a great time! A time for both red and white martyrdom. A time when we can actively working side-by-side with Christ to bring salvation to the world. True, it is through Jesus that salvation ultimately comes. But our participation through prayer and fasting and proclaiming the good news to our brothers and sisters is imperative!

Anonymous said...

I have read the notes on the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother in Lanús, Argentina-you can read it in Spanish at: www.virgendelanus.com.ar-
And I was left with the impression that very important things are going to happen in the next few weeks. Read also Psalm 2. It is a prophetic psalm describing the time when mankind finally tries to shake off all moral limits. Remember when Christ said in Matthew 24 "When you see all of these things begin to happen, raise your heads because your liberation is at hand." Come, Lord Jesus!

Pam said...

"BY THY HOLY AND IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, O MARY, DELIVER US FROM EVIL."--Prayer taught to by Our Lady of America to Sister Mary Ephrem, Convent of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, Rome, Indiana, 1956.