Friday, May 21, 2010

Mexican Martrys

Today we remember the Mexican Martyrs of the 20th century:

As far back as the 16th Century, the Mexican faithful have given the Church, Martyrs!

When our Lady of Guadalupe came, She won the hearts of Spaniards and Indians, forming family. Three young boys chose eternal life over the world, back in the 16th Century, and gave their lives for the Church. This heritage has given the Mexican people the fire and passion to remain faithful to La Morenita and the Church.

In the 20th Century, our neighbors to the South risked Martyrdom rather than give into the demands of the Masonic government to become a State church. Priests were outlawed, and if found tortured and martyred; Bishops were exiled as non-persons because they refused to reject the Papacy and give allegiance to the State. Although these Priest-Martyrs knew to remain in Mexico meant a sure Martyrdom, they chose death, so that while they were able they could bring the Sacraments to the faithful. These are true stories taken where the Catholic Martyrs lived and died for the Faith.

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Mary said...

We,not only as Mexicans, but as members of the Universal Church, should remember these martyrs and follow their example...