Friday, June 18, 2010

Rosary Rallies for Priests Give Final Flourish to Their Special Year

This seems like a great idea! I found this at the Spirit Daily site. God bless all those who pray for us priests! The following comes from the Catholic Exchange:

Have you heard about the Rosary for Priests? People will be gathering on the steps of Cathedrals in many dioceses on June 19 at 10am, to offer a Rosary for priests to commemorate the last day of the Year for Priests. While last Friday was the ceremonial ending, the indulgences are available until June 19. And on top of that, it is Father’s Day weekend — what more fitting time could there be to pray for our spiritual Fathers?

This independent and spontaneous prayer initiative for priests was started by a small group of lay faithful in San Francisco, with the approval of the Archdiocese, and it is catching on. At least three other California dioceses have approved these gatherings and the list is growing.

“This is not a political act, or act of advocacy. It is a spiritual act; an act of love and support for our Reverend Fathers,” said Rosary for Priests committeeman Cyrus Johnson. “The best thing you can do for a person, including yourself, is prayer. This is most fitting for our priests who do so much for us. We wish to make a public declaration of appreciation as the laity.”

The idea is simple, and maybe that’s why it’s catching on. Rosary for Priests has been notified of simultaneous prayer rallies at the cathedrals of the following dioceses: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento, and inquiries have arrived from as far away as Germany, France and Indonesia. The San Francisco-based group is not doing the organizing for any other dioceses, but is offering free flyers, promotional materials and event listings on the website.

The Rosary for Priests team encourages the faithful in other dioceses to request permission to hold Rosary for Priests prayer gatherings at their own Cathedrals, and invite as many people as possible to join together in prayer. Simply let your Cathedral know you would like to gather to pray for 30 minutes, with no other purpose than to pray for those good men who have offered their lives in the service of Christ and His Church.

More details, as well as recommendations for organizing your own Rosary for Priests, can be found on their website at [1]

If you can’t attend a Rosary for Priests event or get to your cathedral on Saturday, please show your unity with those who are attending these events — and your love for our priests — by praying a Rosary with us at 10 a.m.

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