Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catholic Actors: Making a Difference!

Today, as we remember the Triumph of the Cross, it is good to hear some of the actors from The Passion of the Christ reflect on their experience of film making:

What does it mean for a believing actor to work in the entertainment world today?

What does it mean for a believing actor to work in the entertainment world today? Some actors and actresses discussed the experiences that have impacted them:

"Film, being a medium that reaches a large number of hearts, is a great gift and privilege for communicating with so many people ... and to reflect and think about personal life issues. The cinema as an artistic medium is a great art form, privileged to be able to educate, and in a sense, to open the hearts and eyes of people. "

"To make a different film to erase the negative image of Latinos that Hollywood has tried to perpetuate for the last 40 years. The idea of forming a film production company, called Metanoiafilms, with the mission of producing films that have the potential not only to entertain the audience, but to make a difference in our society by raising, healing and respecting the dignity of human beings, movies that touch the hearts of the audience and raise the minds of the audience toward the good, the beautiful and the true, the excellent. "

Film has also been an opportunity for personal growth:

"We are simply in the hands of an idea that is bigger than we are.
We are like little ants that are at the service of something, especially in what we were doing in the film The Passion of Christ and what we are every day. "

"Do not be afraid to be yourself, to find a personal way to act, not according to fixed models but by making an interior journey, And when there is a genuine search within yourself, you cannot help but also look to God."


aspiring said...

Thank you, and thank God through you, for your moving meditations on the sorrows of Mary, and for extending their implications and applications as you did - to us and our lives today, to the present.

aspiring said...

Oops. I posted my comment above with the wrong post. I should have placed it with your commemoration of Mary's sorrows. I'll copy and paste it to the right post.