Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pope Benedict challenges new Bishops to be like St. Paul!

Here is a short video from H2O News (via Gloria TV) on the Holy Father's words to new Bishops:

According to St. Paul, the first spiritual and apostolic commitment of a bishop must be to advance in the way of evangelical perfection, noted Benedict XVI in his speech addressed to the new bishops, participants at a conference organized for them by the Congregation for Bishops.

To meet the challenge of secularism in this contemporary society, it is necessary that the Bishop meditate on the Word of God every day in prayer, so that they can be effective proclaimers of the Gospel, authentic scholars in presenting and defending it, enlightened and wise teachers in transmitting it. Be close to priests, to pastors and to young people, the Holy Father recommended; You, who are able to admonish and teach them.

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