Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Bella": The Movie that Celebrates Life

Bella, the movie that won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival in 2007, was presented world-wide in 2008. A Metanoiafilms production that stars Eduardo Verástegui, Mexican actor and producer; the movie recounts a love story, as Eduardo himself explained:

"A love story that goes beyond romance; the story of a man who had everything in life, or better, what he thought was everything: money, fame and many other things."

Bella has changed the life of many people, Verástegui said, including his:

"A movie that has changed my life; I had never worked on a project as significant as Bella."
"It is a movie that celebrates life, that celebrates our values, our culture, our music, our food and many other things."

Verástegui expresses his hope:

"When people see our movies, those produced by Metanoiafilms and in this case Bella, that they may feel inspired, full of love, faith and hope."

Filmed on the streets of New York in the span of only 23 days, this movie was produced with a budget of approximately 3 million dollars and has earned more than 8 million dollars in the US.

It was launched on line in 2008 at
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Jackie Parkes said...

Can't wait to see this!

vesper said...

Dear Padre Steve

As Community Liaison Officer for London on Jordon's film for Hollywood, 'Interview with the Vampire' at St Paul's C of E in Deptford SE8, I was partly responsible for getting all the scenes of 666 occult gratuitous violence involving Brad Pitt and the poet Heathcote Williams cut.

I presented the script to Father John Collier of St Lawrence's R.C Church in Sidcup and told him that I believed that the scenes involving Brad Pitt's vampire attack and murder of the priest played by Heathcote Williams on holy ground were so violent that they had deliberately been omitted from the main shoot at rich New Orleans R.C Cathedral and transferred to the poor Baroque backdrop at St Paul's C of E Deptford who couldn't afford to say NO.

All the St Paul's SE8 scenes were cut after Father Collier's subsequent intervention and I seem to recall Dustin Hoffman using our very words 'gratuitous violence' in an SOS film industry campaign response.

Obviously 'Bella' shows the World that 999 Christian films can be produced.

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us Amen.

Secular Heretic said...

I've heard about this movie. Tried to get it in Australia but couldn't.