Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The World Needs Spiritual Leaders

The world needs spiritual leaders in order to establish peace. This is what Ingrid Betancourt, the Franco-Columbian former presidential candidate said before the cameras of h2onews in an interview during the Sant'Egidio Interreligious encounter held this November on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

She believes that peace comes from the people, from a transformation of mentality, and then from the government:

"I believe that it has to come from the people, I believe that it has to come from a change in the priorities that each of us as individuals have in our hearts. This will give us the possibility to seek leaders who are in tune with our priorities. And it is necessary that these leaders experience a path of spiritual growth. When we have these leaders who represent spiritual people in the world, then peace will come very easily."

Ingrid Betancourt was rescued on July 2 of this year after being held captive for 6 years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia.

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