Monday, December 22, 2008

Food for thought: A reflection from an atheist of an encounter with a good man

I have enjoyed some of the comedy of Penn and Teller in the past but never really knew anything about them. It seems that Penn is an outspoken athiest who feels that faith and religion have brought more harm than good to people. I was disappointed to find that to be his opinion, but was pleased to hear his recent reflection on meeting a real Christian. It offers so me great reflections that each of us might do well to reflect on. I found the following on Patrick Madrid's new blog:

This is an amazing little video commentary from comedian Penn Jillette (from the act Penn & Teller), a profane, outspoken atheist who has been vicious at times in his public attacks on religion. Even so, this video clip is worth watching. He speaks candidly about a post-show encounter he had recently with a Christian audience member who gave him a Bible. He asks rhetorically a very important question that makes perfect logical sense, coming from an atheist. I just wish more Christians were in a position to answer it.

It may well be that, down the road, according to God's merciful providence, Penn Jillette will come to believe in God. You never know.

We should all pray that Penn Jillette does one day encounter the Lord in his life. God bless all those who have the courage needed to boldly offer Christ to others!

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