Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remembering the Battle of Fredericksburg

The Battle of Fredericksburg, fought in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, from December 11 to December 15, 1862, between General Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and the Union Army of the Potomac, commanded by Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, is remembered as one of the most one-sided battles of the American Civil War. The Union Army suffered terrible casualties in futile frontal assaults on December 13 against entrenched Confederate defenders on the heights behind the city, bringing to an early end their campaign against the Confederate capital of Richmond.


vesper said...

Dear Padre Steve

I discovered your Blog,Da Mihi Animas,via Father Finigan's Blog The hermeneutic of continuity.

Thanks for posting this wonderful piece of 'between the lines' art/music by Josh Turner.

As an artist I once performed the song The Last of the Great Whales by Andy Barnes at the St Paul's KRAYMAYDAY event in Deptford.Symbolically and physically this solo performance took place between the lines of the top 'Old Boys' of the UK's profession of violence i.e Charlie Kray and Darcus Howe,the Devil's Advocate.

Father Finigan's Blog The hermeneutic of continuity has kindly published an update of my professional work,which as you can see has now reached a critical legal juncture here in London : vesper has left a new comment on the post "Mass at St Peter's".

Rosa Mystica ora pro nobis Amen.

Anonymous said...

If you are ever in the area, I would be happy to take you to the battlefield...Wilderness and Bull Run, too! I have taken a number of guests there, and am always happy to do so!

It's one battle that I can understand, from a military strategy point!

Great post! Encourage that American History!

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for kind words Vesper and Miss Meg! I would love to visit Fredericksburg some time. I will have to let you know when I come down. I have always wanted to visit the Stone Wall and the Angel of Marye's Heights statue!