Monday, December 1, 2008

Taize and the Word of God

Brother Alois, the successor of Brother Roger, is the prior general of this monastic ecumenical family since 2005 and in Rome he explained the importance that the Word of God has in Taizé.

"In Taize we have times of silence. After a short reading we have a time of silence so then you can really enter your heart; and then I think singing is very important because we can sing the Word of God, the psalms were always songs."

Regarding the Synod of Bishops in which he participated, Brother Alois shares his opinion.

"It's very beautiful to listen to all of these bishops from all over the world, in different situations, in some very difficult situations, and there is a really strong will in everybody to find new ways of putting the Word of God in a more important place in our life of the Church."

Brussels will host the next European encounter of Taize; thousands of young people will come to the Belgian capital to pray as the New Year begins.

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